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Subject? I dunno - Love Everybody

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November 3rd, 2006

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12:08 am - Subject? I dunno
So, I got a new car. Yeah, its a pretty sweet deal I guess, I dunno. I really like the car, alot, its really cool and I am SO glad I got it. A brand new 07 Cobalt...5 speed, def alot of fun to drive. But today as I was driving to my second job of the day, I had like one of those crazy like day dream flash backs. Took me back to a day where you and I were in my neon and we were driving. You were laughing saying no, I cant and I told you that if you didnt shift the car, then it would die. You did, slowly you were learning how to shift a car with a manual trans. Every single time I made you do it, you told me you couldnt, that you wouldnt, but you still did. And then those times where we went really fast, and you sat there and said ryan, ryan RYAN!!!!!!!! until I listend and slowed down.And at this moment, at that exact moment, I missed you. I dont know why, but I did. And I didnt miss you as a friend, I missed you alot. And it was only a moment, and I smiled, laughed to myself, and said (I really did say this) "She isnt here to tell me no now" and I down shifted, and was off into the day. I dunno, dont know if you still read this, I dont think any one does, hell, i dont even use it. But I thought you'd like to know I thought of you, and couldnt help myself but smile...

Maybe, if your willing, we can finish...

Dunno, doubt it, but eh, its worth a shot, huh?


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Date:November 16th, 2006 05:49 pm (UTC)
Hey Ryan! Damn boy did I miss you! I tried calling you, and I guess the numbers changed... :( So I'll need to get it from you again. Missed ya so much!

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