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My Ode to booze - Love Everybody

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August 13th, 2006

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08:23 pm - My Ode to booze
Waking up at 3pm
The bruises and scratches
The headaches
The sore body

Going to work at 6 am on only an hour of sleep
The Hangovers
The inability to eat
The inability to drink

Explaining your bruises to your boss
Cause you fell down the stairs
Cause you fell up the stairs
Cause you fell, period

Waking up with someone you hardly know
waking up with an ex-girlfriend
waking up with your best friend
waking up and having no idea about the night or where your clothes are

Looking at your phone and seeing the names of people you havent spoken to in years
Drunk dialing those you hate
Drunk dialing those you dont hate
Drunk dialing those you dont even know

Wondering as you are working the next day why you do it
why your up till 5am kicking back drinks
why your breath smells like booze 4 hours later
why at 2pm you are still drunk

You dont do it for the fame
or the money
or to be a rebal

You do it cause your american
You do it cause you were born to

You do it for the memories
You do it for you

You just do it
No questions asked

and as you stand looking in the mirror the next day
you just smile and laugh
Like those like us do

You know the rules to every drinking game there is
you have made your own drinking games

You stand before yourself, every morning
And its at that moment

you know

you see

you realize that you

and those like you

dont live normal lives

you arent really normal

But you stand there

standing tall

with a smile

cause you are a party go-er

You party on tuesday, for the sake of it being tuesday

You, and those like you

are not humans

but walking detox cases

and we, never walk alone

because we know

that if there is a place to buy booze within a 50 mile ratius

or a bar

Then tommorow really doesnt matter

Cause the night is as long as you make it

Man, I am bored...lol

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