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Ok, so I am a little annoyed...lol - Love Everybody

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August 11th, 2006

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12:24 am - Ok, so I am a little annoyed...lol
First off, we shall talk about this one event that took place on a friday afternoon at 12:30...

I was scared shitless...like, honestly, I was really really scared and afraid. I mean, its kind of childish, but I was worried. I was afraid when i saw you, everything would start over again, that I would chase you down once you left and hold you and not want to let go, or I would sit there and hate myself because I would have fallen for you all over again. Or when you left, I would have just ran after you, telling you that I needed you, or I was even afraid Id start missing you even more then I had last time. I was so scared. I wasnt scared of you, I mean, common, you couldnt hurt me, phyiscally of course, but I was worried what would happen. But oddly enough, when you walked away, you walked away. I mean granted we ate lunch for almost 2 hours, but still, when you walked away, I felt nothing. It wasnt what I thought it would be, it was nice, just two people, walking seperate ways. Granted when everyone was like. Potter, who was she, I left alot out, just said you were an old friend I hadnt seen in a while. Granted, some people knew more, but they smiled, and those who knew everything, gave me a hug and asked if I was ok, and I told them I was fine, which was true. I was totally fine. And I still am, and I, am honestly shocked at that...

This terrorist plot...doesnt make sense to me. I mean, cool, if its true, cool, good for them, but common. If you wanted to destroy a country, a city, or even a town, what good does blowing planes up over OCEAN do. Yeah, people would have died, sad, I mean, it really is, but I really dont see it as effective. I mean, personally, I would use the explosives that they are able to get on board, to blow the airport up, not blow the plane up OVER THE OCEAN. I mean, they made it out to be a huge story and a huge crisis, but in reality, it doesnt make sense. If I were going to attack a country, supposedly, I would attack the country, not water. I mean, most its going to do is MAYBE sink a ship and kill some people on board, but common, the government really has to think of a better story then this one, cause it doesnt work for me, as a matter of fact, doesnt work for a lot people because it makes little to no sense what so ever. Common Bush, think of a better one...granted your IQ can be counted on one hand, doesnt mean you cant think of a better lie.


So today at work, in Algonquin, they were under what is called a Boil Order, meaning, all water has to be boiled because its bad, and if you drink it, you will die. So, this lack of water ment; no soda, no water, no ice, no coffee, no tea, no handwashing, and no washing dishes...Every resturant around Biaggi's was closed. The Irish Pub was closed, ON the Boarder was closed, and hell, that place is dirty as hell as it is, Fridays, Hollihans, Red Star, everywhere...was closed because of this...and Yet, we had to stay open...work was hell, and it really started to bother the hell out of me...as a matter of fact, I almost walked out...but I am tired now, so maybe Ill write in here in a month or so..

see ya all later be safe, and as Dave Matthews Says...Dont drink the water...


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