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February 1st, 2007

12:20 am - Pirates
So, some 11 year old kid was just arrested by some music company for "pirating music." Ok, I understand you all are pissed and what not, but look at it like this...if you walk into ANY of the resturants I keep under me, ANY of them, I will deny you the ability to take food home. Why? Cause its the same thing. I dont want you taking it home for someone else, you have to finish it. I dont want you sharing it with anyone cause hell, they didnt pay for it. You do, so thus, it is yours, no one elses. Now, the right to share it once it has become yours, thats your right, because in a sense, it belongs to you. For example, if you walk into Biaggi's, the food really dont belong to you, ever. Its Biaggi's, its Peters. From the plate its served on, to the pasta, or steak or what not you put into your mouth, its not yours. The ingredents, the mixes, the sauces, the this and that, the way its done, its all copywritted, and you could be sued for illegally sharing it, by law. So, next time you think about taking something to go, ask yourself, why not share?..

douche bags.

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November 3rd, 2006

12:08 am - Subject? I dunno
So, I got a new car. Yeah, its a pretty sweet deal I guess, I dunno. I really like the car, alot, its really cool and I am SO glad I got it. A brand new 07 Cobalt...5 speed, def alot of fun to drive. But today as I was driving to my second job of the day, I had like one of those crazy like day dream flash backs. Took me back to a day where you and I were in my neon and we were driving. You were laughing saying no, I cant and I told you that if you didnt shift the car, then it would die. You did, slowly you were learning how to shift a car with a manual trans. Every single time I made you do it, you told me you couldnt, that you wouldnt, but you still did. And then those times where we went really fast, and you sat there and said ryan, ryan RYAN!!!!!!!! until I listend and slowed down.And at this moment, at that exact moment, I missed you. I dont know why, but I did. And I didnt miss you as a friend, I missed you alot. And it was only a moment, and I smiled, laughed to myself, and said (I really did say this) "She isnt here to tell me no now" and I down shifted, and was off into the day. I dunno, dont know if you still read this, I dont think any one does, hell, i dont even use it. But I thought you'd like to know I thought of you, and couldnt help myself but smile...

Maybe, if your willing, we can finish...

Dunno, doubt it, but eh, its worth a shot, huh?


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October 3rd, 2006

11:34 pm
ok so this is a hard one for me.

i dont know what I should really do cause I dont know if this is real. Like, i dont know if this is what being happy with someone really means. I mean, its kind of new, but I know its really really really bad cause she is the sister of my friend. Now its not like she is 12, she is 20 and her brother, my friend, is 24. But the big thing is the fact that I actually laugh and feel good when I am with her. I mean, dont get me wrong, Krysta was cool and all, but she wasnt this girl. I doubt anyone could be this girl. Nor could anyone beat her. She is amazing. I mean, its hard because I dont know if I should trust what i feel, if I should trust what i think, or if I should trust myself, period. Cause the honest truth is, last time I felt this whole grown totally goodness with ANYONE, this kind of like childish but fun, was with Kylie back while I was dating Ashley. Like, anyone who knows how I was then, thinks I am acting the same exact way. She is awesome in the fact that she takes life serious, but only the serious parts in life. Like school and work, but she doesnt think i am stupid for having fun with the smallest stuff, granted she thinks I am weird cause I keep work so clean, yet I walk around barefoot all day...but I think she is weird cause she has cold toes. Today at work, I couldnt stop talking about her, not in bad way, but just laughing to myself...and saying stupid stuff no one would get except me...and I dont know...lol

i will probably call her before work see if her lazy ass is awake...lol
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August 13th, 2006

08:23 pm - My Ode to booze
Waking up at 3pm
The bruises and scratches
The headaches
The sore body

Going to work at 6 am on only an hour of sleep
The Hangovers
The inability to eat
The inability to drink

Explaining your bruises to your boss
Cause you fell down the stairs
Cause you fell up the stairs
Cause you fell, period

Waking up with someone you hardly know
waking up with an ex-girlfriend
waking up with your best friend
waking up and having no idea about the night or where your clothes are

Looking at your phone and seeing the names of people you havent spoken to in years
Drunk dialing those you hate
Drunk dialing those you dont hate
Drunk dialing those you dont even know

Wondering as you are working the next day why you do it
why your up till 5am kicking back drinks
why your breath smells like booze 4 hours later
why at 2pm you are still drunk

You dont do it for the fame
or the money
or to be a rebal

You do it cause your american
You do it cause you were born to

You do it for the memories
You do it for you

You just do it
No questions asked

and as you stand looking in the mirror the next day
you just smile and laugh
Like those like us do

You know the rules to every drinking game there is
you have made your own drinking games

You stand before yourself, every morning
And its at that moment

you know

you see

you realize that you

and those like you

dont live normal lives

you arent really normal

But you stand there

standing tall

with a smile

cause you are a party go-er

You party on tuesday, for the sake of it being tuesday

You, and those like you

are not humans

but walking detox cases

and we, never walk alone

because we know

that if there is a place to buy booze within a 50 mile ratius

or a bar

Then tommorow really doesnt matter

Cause the night is as long as you make it

Man, I am bored...lol

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August 11th, 2006

12:24 am - Ok, so I am a little annoyed...lol
First off, we shall talk about this one event that took place on a friday afternoon at 12:30...

I was scared shitless...like, honestly, I was really really scared and afraid. I mean, its kind of childish, but I was worried. I was afraid when i saw you, everything would start over again, that I would chase you down once you left and hold you and not want to let go, or I would sit there and hate myself because I would have fallen for you all over again. Or when you left, I would have just ran after you, telling you that I needed you, or I was even afraid Id start missing you even more then I had last time. I was so scared. I wasnt scared of you, I mean, common, you couldnt hurt me, phyiscally of course, but I was worried what would happen. But oddly enough, when you walked away, you walked away. I mean granted we ate lunch for almost 2 hours, but still, when you walked away, I felt nothing. It wasnt what I thought it would be, it was nice, just two people, walking seperate ways. Granted when everyone was like. Potter, who was she, I left alot out, just said you were an old friend I hadnt seen in a while. Granted, some people knew more, but they smiled, and those who knew everything, gave me a hug and asked if I was ok, and I told them I was fine, which was true. I was totally fine. And I still am, and I, am honestly shocked at that...

This terrorist plot...doesnt make sense to me. I mean, cool, if its true, cool, good for them, but common. If you wanted to destroy a country, a city, or even a town, what good does blowing planes up over OCEAN do. Yeah, people would have died, sad, I mean, it really is, but I really dont see it as effective. I mean, personally, I would use the explosives that they are able to get on board, to blow the airport up, not blow the plane up OVER THE OCEAN. I mean, they made it out to be a huge story and a huge crisis, but in reality, it doesnt make sense. If I were going to attack a country, supposedly, I would attack the country, not water. I mean, most its going to do is MAYBE sink a ship and kill some people on board, but common, the government really has to think of a better story then this one, cause it doesnt work for me, as a matter of fact, doesnt work for a lot people because it makes little to no sense what so ever. Common Bush, think of a better one...granted your IQ can be counted on one hand, doesnt mean you cant think of a better lie.


So today at work, in Algonquin, they were under what is called a Boil Order, meaning, all water has to be boiled because its bad, and if you drink it, you will die. So, this lack of water ment; no soda, no water, no ice, no coffee, no tea, no handwashing, and no washing dishes...Every resturant around Biaggi's was closed. The Irish Pub was closed, ON the Boarder was closed, and hell, that place is dirty as hell as it is, Fridays, Hollihans, Red Star, everywhere...was closed because of this...and Yet, we had to stay open...work was hell, and it really started to bother the hell out of me...as a matter of fact, I almost walked out...but I am tired now, so maybe Ill write in here in a month or so..

see ya all later be safe, and as Dave Matthews Says...Dont drink the water...


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May 25th, 2006

04:47 am - ...
So, its almost 5am and I cant sleep, again. So I figured this time I would write something in here...

First off, I am kind of fucked. You see, "Betsy" the Blazer, well, she aint doin so hot right now. The alternator crapped out so when I was replacing it, I went to go hook everything back up and was re-connecting the negative terminal to the battery, when I noticed the hood light wasnt on. That ment...uh oh. And it was. Turns out the WHOLE car is electrically dead. Well, not the whole car, just the stuff that fucks me if it is, and the bad part is, I cant really figure out what part is fucking everything up. You see, the battery works, and everything else works, but somewhere between point a and point b, the car doesnt actually work. Soo, I get to spend tommorow tryin to figure this one out. Yeah, it sucks, AND to top it off, I have to work tommorow evening and well, dont have time off to fix it until...wednesday...dun dun dun! Im fucked

Secondly, I am missing someone like crazy. And I dont even know why! Its fucked up inside me, but I am. I lay awake at night and just think of her. Think of her smile, her stupid jokes, her stupidity, and well, basically...her. I cant get her out of my mind and every single thing I try to do doesnt help. I take my paintball gun out and I think of that one time she broke into my car and stole my paintballs. I hear a song on the radio and laugh cause it makes me think of her. I stare into the darkness and I wonder what she is doing. Is she staring into the darkness too, or is she with someone who she cares the world for? Like, I cant even find a way to forget her. I was with Kara until like 4am the other night and all I could do was think about and talk about her. Like the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or what ever, the one where they erase everything out of the persons mind so that they can live happily, and never remember. Like I think about how cool it would be to have that done, but then I think about how much it would suck. It would suck so much because then I would forget all the fun we had, all the good times. But it would be nice cause then I could forget everything. The bad, the hurting, and basically everything inbetween there. I know, I dont even know why I am wasting my time thinking about her like this and I dont even know why I am. It seriouslly came out of no where all this thinking of her. Actually, I know exactly what made me think of her. The other night at the Algonquin Party, Party69, the song Cotten Eye Joe started playing. And for some fucked up reason, she came into my mind. Worse of all, she wouldnt leave! I stopped thinking all together and she was still there. And then when I left, my MP3 player was dead so I had to listen to the radio, and I swear to god every single song on the radio made me think of her even more. I dont even know what to do, cause I dont even know what to say. Like if I were to sit down and talk with a shrink about this, I wouldnt know what to say cause, I dont have the words. They are all just thoughts. And those thoughts, make me miss her like crazy. And the worst part of the whole damn thing is, she probably never thinks about me, at all. Like, me, I see a little car like hers, and I just glance at it, hoping maybe its you, maybe youll be glancing too and for a split second, youll think of me. But I had nothing to offer you, and have nothing now. I wish I could just erase you, but I dont want to. I wish I could just forget you, but I dont know how to, but I dont know what to do. Cause I miss you.

its now 5:03am...and Im still not tired...

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May 17th, 2006

02:09 am - Sister
So my sister moved back home. Yeah, my older sister, the one who walked the earth holding herself above all of us because, "She is better then us". Yeah, that sister. Well, at first I REALLY didnt care, but now it basically has come to be a big problem for me. Granted, I really am not one who can really say/ do anything about it because this isnt my house, and well, my rules dont apply. But, I can be annoyed. To start off, she basically is on a course to make my life a complete and total hell, and well, when I am at home, it works. And now, because I went out on a limb, she has a job where I work. Another free hand out for her, ya know? Emily went through and gave stacey SO much, and all stacey did was treat her like crap, and blow it. So, I am tempted to take my sisters new job from her. Messed up, isnt it? That I have that power to do something like that. Either that, or I am going to just quit, and get myself a new job somewhere else. My old job from last summer is willing to pay $12 bucks an hour for me. I mean, I cant argue with that, but I really like it at Biaggi's. Most of them have become my friends, my co-workers, my family. Charlie, Justin, Maegan, Brittney, Jessica and I, have become really good friends. Kristen is like an older sister to me, the T.I.L.F is probably one of the most impressive people there, everyone else there is something. But, I cant do this. I cant have my sister ruining my life not only at home, but also there. I am happy there, I can stand up and smile everyday when I am there. I could go in in the WORST mood ever, and the people, the customers, everyone, make me smile, make me happy. I dont even know what I did to her, thats the messed up thing. She walked into MY work, my world, and said "Im Potters sister, will you hire me?" and they did. Once they talked to me about how I would feel about her working there. And I told myself I would deal with it, because, everything happens the way it does for a reason. But I dont see a reason behind this. Maybe its to make me move out, make me want to disapear. But I cant do that to them. They have done so much for me. So I am going to talk to Wein, and my mother, and see what I can do. Because, I dont want this. I dont want her ruining my life more then she is. She wont say a SINGLE thing to me when she is home, unless she is finding a way to bitch me out, and she basically feels as though she has free roaming over this house. That everything is hers to use, and that everything is hers. For example. She just walked into Kyle's room, used his computer, and then left. He came home and was like, Stacey, why did you use my computer, and she said she didnt. Yet, her AOL was still signed on. And she kept saying she didnt. I mean, I guess Kyle and her are getting along fine, and Dennis and her seem to be doing fine, so maybe its just me. Maybe I am the reason all these problems exsist between her and I. Its probably all my fault. Go somewhere, get a job, and a place to live. I just cant put up with Stacey anymore. This house was actually really enjoyable before she came here. But once she did, the atmosphere changed, and everything turned from light, to darkness. Like a cheesey horror movie. I dont even know, but I cant be happy now. Unless I am not here. With her around, I feel as if I am a terrible person, as if my life is only ruining others around me. Maybe it is, maybe she is right. Maybe I should just die. Cept a death where no one can find me, cause then there isnt the price of a funeral to pay. Like, I was SO happy, and now look at me, death? Are you kidding me? So I guess my best bet is going to be either a. talk to Wein about my sisters job, or b. me quitting, and then leaving. Cause I dont want to be around this anymore. Its killing me that she is here. If she wasnt so negative to me, then I wouldnt care, but this is almost one of the worst things I have delt with in so long. I cant even find an escape to this. I went out with my little brother and played tennis, and had fun, but when I came back, I came back to her and her negative energy. If she wasnt going to work with me, then I would just tune her out at home, but now she is infecting my life. Like, Maegan and I were joking on myspace, and apparently, thats not aloud, but maegan joke about telling scott she had a dieses, and now, I am a terrible terrible person for making a joke. So, apparently, joking with your friends is against all rules in the world and everyone should be ban from it, cause you never know when you sister is spending her days reading your myspace comments. Like, this is fucked up, I cant even be happy. She is in a totally diffrent room, asleep, and I still feel like the bad person. I guess its the stories she tells to everyone about me, I start to believe. Maybe its like the ones where she told the world I tried to stab her, or maybe its the ones where she told the world I was pyscho. Or maybes its every other stories she tells, small ones too. Like how I was the one eating Kyle's cookie dough, or how I am this or that or this or that. I just cant stand her and her damn stories. If I could cry, I probably would be crying right now. It's killing me every single day, and I dont know when its going to just break me. It wouldnt be bad at all if she could talk to me and tell me the truth. And then when she tells me these stories from inside her head, I wish she would listen when I told her the real truth. Dennis, my little brother even said it. Its like she wants to turn my family against me. She has failed and doesnt want to except it, so every single flaw I have, she points out and lets the world know of them, execept, they are blown up into a huge deal, when the truth is, 90% of the time, they are nothing. I feel pain from something I never thought could hurt me, for family is ment to support you, not knock you down. So, like I said, I either have to a. move out, or b. well, get my sister to change her state of mind, which wont happen.

So there you have it folks. Yeah, Im not happy right now, cause I cant be. I am probably more annoyed then I have ever been, and well, never have I felt so so so so so unwanted.

So on that note...anyone know of a nice, cheap place to live? with work?
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May 7th, 2006

10:21 pm
So this is the first time I have been sick since I had mono..

and I think mono was more fun...

this blows

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April 27th, 2006

12:07 am

Limited Edition John Butler Triple Pack..


Fucking amazing!
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April 25th, 2006

12:11 am - Whoa!!! Update time?!
Ahhh, so the time has come where the questions are being asked..

Where is Ryan and what is going on with him?!

Well, here I am and let me tell you what exactly has been going on.

To start it off, yes the rumors are true, I am working at Biaggi's making more money then you are, sad I know, but true. lol. Its a cool job, Im pretty much cool with everyone there and no one seems to have issues with me, I dont think. The work people are really fun. I got my new CD today that I ordered months ago...The John Butler Trio--Living '01-'02. It, of course, is an amazing CD, which I am listening to disk one right now. For those of you who dont know who John Butler is...you pretty much either a. like him, or b. hate him. John Butler and his gang all come from that place we like to call Australia and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon them while enjoying a morning coffee months ago. After a moment passed, I was no longer drinking my coffee for I had found something more enjoyable. After talking to a few people, I was able to maintain a small sample disk of 3 songs; Valley, Betterman, and Sometimes. I was very excited about this. Listened to it, loved it, and soon purchase Sunrise Over Sea for $12 dollars. I loved the music off there and after some searching, I found a place to buy more of their CD's since they are not sold in stores in the US at a wonderful site known as Amazon.com. I soon was lucky enough to purchase 2 CDs. One of them arrived today, the other, well, I am not sure where it ended up. I was very happy about that today.

Secondly, another thing going on in my life...my girlfriend. Yes, folks, those rumors are also true. I, Ryan Charabowski, have a girlfriend. Im liking it, granted its pretty new to me, I am still liking it. We took pictures together as a couple, maybe I will get them on here, who knows. But right now, they are laying in my bed.

But life right now is pretty good for the most part. I mean, I have my health, my friends, my girl, my job, and my family.

Oh, funny story!!!!

So, Saturday night, as usual, was the Algonquin Party. Now, for those of you who know what it is....well, it was a usual night at the A.P. and well, I was the DD of the evening. Starts off by watching Charlie groom Justin cause Justins hair was all messed up. Took those 2 about an hour to two hours to get ready. Jessica soon came over followed by Jamie/James...we called her that cause her voice was all messed up and she kinda sounded like a man. lol. But anyways, we proceed into the party, where I have to pick up Brittney. As we are heading there, Midge (megan) calls charlie. Turns out, she is the car infront of us, and is heading there, as planned. So she follows us to brits house and well, we arrive. We realize we have a problem but it is easily solveable. 6 people needed to get into my car...and that wasnt happening. Charlie jumps out of my car and into Midge's Car. We head to the party and then I start doing check. Door fee-3 dollars...Check, everyone has it. ID's--Well, Brittney didnt have it. Sooo, we turn around and go get her ID. We get it and go back to the party. Charlie and Midge had hid, so we go into the party looking for them, and blah blah blah. Soon a small fight between the boyfriends, but it is all settled once drinking starts. Everyone is dancing, drinking, and having a good time. Me, I am drinking my straight cranberry juice cause I have to drive. Yeah, I was at first annoyed with it, but then was amused by the drunks. So anyways, Midge and I dance, and then everyone dances, and then more dancing, then Jessica and I dance, then Charlie and I dance, then Justin and I dance...lots of dancing. Then we dance in a line. Oh, Charlie and Justin had a dance off...that was awesome. I think this is when Charlie and Brittney started making out. Now, this was funny, but weird for the fact that Charlie is, well, gay. Justin kept drinking and laughing and I was like...can gay guys do that?! But anyways, they kept making out, Justin and I almost had to knock out this fat ugly dude, and then the evening goes into a all out bang when Jessica informs me that this is the anniversary of her and her ex who had cheated on her with 3 other girls. So, me being the awesome bartender I am...hand her more to drink. This eventually causes problems when she is standing there, catching her breath when i see her eyes roll backwards and she is falling. I catch her and sit her down and soon, the resposible Ryan and Justin kick in. She pukes...all over my feet. I dont care, I just need to get her somewhere, so Justin and I carry her upstairs and outside, where she pukes some more. This time not on anyone. But, the shirt I was wearing was soon removed in an effort to clean her up. Anyways, we clean her up and get her to the back of my car. We lay her down and charlie climbs in back with her. Now, we have to head back to Charlie's and well, it was like a 30 minute drive, mainly cause I couldnt go faster then 30 and had to basically roll every turn. But anyways, she still puked in my car, all over the back. So then Justin and I have to carry her back inside, into Charlie's basement. Now, dont get me wrong, but Jessica is a beautiful girl and all. But, I have to many morals. So Jamie, Brittney, Justin and Charlie undress Jessica and put her in some PJ's of charlies. Me, being the person I am, and the only one sexually attractive to the female sex in the group...I sit in a chair, facing the corner and read the info book on a TiVO. Justin and I then carry her onto the couch where she passes out, like HARDCORE. I then drive Brittney home and then head home myself. It is now about 5am. I come home, stand around for a bit, then head to my room. I still smelled like puke cause of carrying her and also, the fact she puked on me. So I get in the shower and scrub myself down. But anyways, yeah, she wanted to get hammered, and she did..

This goes out to my girl Jessica...who still doesnt remember much of the evening...lol

Bottle of Malibu Rum-$22
Cranberry Juice for the DD-$8
Getting what you asked for (aka. getting so shitfaced you dont even remember the evening..at all)-priceless

for somethings there is mastercard, for everything else...there are your friends.

Ummm, I am pretty sure I started this off with an idea of what to write, now I have nothing...

one day
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