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Whoa!!! Update time?! - Love Everybody

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April 25th, 2006

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12:11 am - Whoa!!! Update time?!
Ahhh, so the time has come where the questions are being asked..

Where is Ryan and what is going on with him?!

Well, here I am and let me tell you what exactly has been going on.

To start it off, yes the rumors are true, I am working at Biaggi's making more money then you are, sad I know, but true. lol. Its a cool job, Im pretty much cool with everyone there and no one seems to have issues with me, I dont think. The work people are really fun. I got my new CD today that I ordered months ago...The John Butler Trio--Living '01-'02. It, of course, is an amazing CD, which I am listening to disk one right now. For those of you who dont know who John Butler is...you pretty much either a. like him, or b. hate him. John Butler and his gang all come from that place we like to call Australia and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon them while enjoying a morning coffee months ago. After a moment passed, I was no longer drinking my coffee for I had found something more enjoyable. After talking to a few people, I was able to maintain a small sample disk of 3 songs; Valley, Betterman, and Sometimes. I was very excited about this. Listened to it, loved it, and soon purchase Sunrise Over Sea for $12 dollars. I loved the music off there and after some searching, I found a place to buy more of their CD's since they are not sold in stores in the US at a wonderful site known as Amazon.com. I soon was lucky enough to purchase 2 CDs. One of them arrived today, the other, well, I am not sure where it ended up. I was very happy about that today.

Secondly, another thing going on in my life...my girlfriend. Yes, folks, those rumors are also true. I, Ryan Charabowski, have a girlfriend. Im liking it, granted its pretty new to me, I am still liking it. We took pictures together as a couple, maybe I will get them on here, who knows. But right now, they are laying in my bed.

But life right now is pretty good for the most part. I mean, I have my health, my friends, my girl, my job, and my family.

Oh, funny story!!!!

So, Saturday night, as usual, was the Algonquin Party. Now, for those of you who know what it is....well, it was a usual night at the A.P. and well, I was the DD of the evening. Starts off by watching Charlie groom Justin cause Justins hair was all messed up. Took those 2 about an hour to two hours to get ready. Jessica soon came over followed by Jamie/James...we called her that cause her voice was all messed up and she kinda sounded like a man. lol. But anyways, we proceed into the party, where I have to pick up Brittney. As we are heading there, Midge (megan) calls charlie. Turns out, she is the car infront of us, and is heading there, as planned. So she follows us to brits house and well, we arrive. We realize we have a problem but it is easily solveable. 6 people needed to get into my car...and that wasnt happening. Charlie jumps out of my car and into Midge's Car. We head to the party and then I start doing check. Door fee-3 dollars...Check, everyone has it. ID's--Well, Brittney didnt have it. Sooo, we turn around and go get her ID. We get it and go back to the party. Charlie and Midge had hid, so we go into the party looking for them, and blah blah blah. Soon a small fight between the boyfriends, but it is all settled once drinking starts. Everyone is dancing, drinking, and having a good time. Me, I am drinking my straight cranberry juice cause I have to drive. Yeah, I was at first annoyed with it, but then was amused by the drunks. So anyways, Midge and I dance, and then everyone dances, and then more dancing, then Jessica and I dance, then Charlie and I dance, then Justin and I dance...lots of dancing. Then we dance in a line. Oh, Charlie and Justin had a dance off...that was awesome. I think this is when Charlie and Brittney started making out. Now, this was funny, but weird for the fact that Charlie is, well, gay. Justin kept drinking and laughing and I was like...can gay guys do that?! But anyways, they kept making out, Justin and I almost had to knock out this fat ugly dude, and then the evening goes into a all out bang when Jessica informs me that this is the anniversary of her and her ex who had cheated on her with 3 other girls. So, me being the awesome bartender I am...hand her more to drink. This eventually causes problems when she is standing there, catching her breath when i see her eyes roll backwards and she is falling. I catch her and sit her down and soon, the resposible Ryan and Justin kick in. She pukes...all over my feet. I dont care, I just need to get her somewhere, so Justin and I carry her upstairs and outside, where she pukes some more. This time not on anyone. But, the shirt I was wearing was soon removed in an effort to clean her up. Anyways, we clean her up and get her to the back of my car. We lay her down and charlie climbs in back with her. Now, we have to head back to Charlie's and well, it was like a 30 minute drive, mainly cause I couldnt go faster then 30 and had to basically roll every turn. But anyways, she still puked in my car, all over the back. So then Justin and I have to carry her back inside, into Charlie's basement. Now, dont get me wrong, but Jessica is a beautiful girl and all. But, I have to many morals. So Jamie, Brittney, Justin and Charlie undress Jessica and put her in some PJ's of charlies. Me, being the person I am, and the only one sexually attractive to the female sex in the group...I sit in a chair, facing the corner and read the info book on a TiVO. Justin and I then carry her onto the couch where she passes out, like HARDCORE. I then drive Brittney home and then head home myself. It is now about 5am. I come home, stand around for a bit, then head to my room. I still smelled like puke cause of carrying her and also, the fact she puked on me. So I get in the shower and scrub myself down. But anyways, yeah, she wanted to get hammered, and she did..

This goes out to my girl Jessica...who still doesnt remember much of the evening...lol

Bottle of Malibu Rum-$22
Cranberry Juice for the DD-$8
Getting what you asked for (aka. getting so shitfaced you dont even remember the evening..at all)-priceless

for somethings there is mastercard, for everything else...there are your friends.

Ummm, I am pretty sure I started this off with an idea of what to write, now I have nothing...

one day
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: My NEW CD! Weeeee

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